Air Seat Cushion For Car Seat & Office Chair (36 air cell)

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    • Manual Press Air Cushion (36 air cell)
    • Air Convection Technology
    • Feature: Air filled, Anti-slip
    • Design: Ergonomic
    • Material: TPU + Lycra
    • Size: 44*44*4.5cm / 17.3*17.3*1.8in
    • Air Cell Height: 4.5cm / 1.8in
    • Weight: 420g / 0.9lb
    • Bearing: 200kg
    • Function: Decompression
    • Avoid touching any sharp goods
    • Do not close to high temperature
    • Wash the air seat by hand, do not wash by a washing machine


How It Works: Air seat cushion adopts advanced air convection technology and is composed of 36 airbags internally to achieve air circulation and pressure redistribution. It effectively relieves the pressure on the seat cushion and provides you with a comfortable sitting experience. Besides, with shallow groove design, reduce heat transfer between legs, hips and seat, effectively achieve ventilation effect, and you will stay cool even you have been sedentary.

Selected Materials: Air filled design surfaced with TPU and Lycra composite fabric, good air tightness, waterproof and breathable, to reduce humidity and sweating and not easy to breed bacteria. At the same time, the bottom is designed with anti-slip particles, which effectively reduces slipping and makes you more stable and secure during use.

Multi-scene Application: The versatile design of the air seat cushion makes it suitable for various sittings, including office chair, car seat, wheelchairs etc. Providing you with long-lasting comfortable support whether at work, driving or leisure.

How To Use: Use manual press type inflate and deflate. No need extra pump. Adjust the softness of the airbag by air capacity. When not in use or out, deflated fold, easy to carry.

Air Cushion for Car Seat Manufacturer
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